Sunday, April 6, 2008

Play Ball

Today was the first day of Tee Ball Season. It was the first time I got to meet my team of 15 five and six year old boys and girls. I'm not sure how I get roped into these things, I guess I just can't says no. Last year, I volunteered to coach a team because Phoenix was going to be on the team. Chris got her to choose soccer this year. Last season, I told the other parents I would coach again even if Phoenix decided she didn't want to play because I had so much fun coaching. Well, I forgot about it until last week when someone from the league called and asked me if I wanted to coach the same team, The 98.6ers. Of course without thinking I said yes.

Well you should have seen me out there today. The practice was at 3pm, and in true form I started getting ready at 2:30pm. I was about 3 minutes late, all the parents were standing around. I had plan a practice our in my head, but didn't write it down. When I got there I forgot pretty much what I was going to do. Going through my agenda in my head, I decided that we would first do Simon Says calisthenics. That went over very well. I couldn't get their names right. I know it was the first time I met them and their were 15 of them and their parents. That's a lot of names to remember, but when you call Alec, Alex and Alex, Alec 5 times in a row and they start correcting you it gets embarrassing. Speaking of embarrassing, I forgot to bring the Tee for batting practice, but more embarrassing then that when I was showing them how to stand in the batters box, I confused the right handed stand with the left handed stand until one of the parents pointed it out to me. How fun. Anyway after running around the field, and the bases, giving them high fives as they crossed home plate, and don't forget the snacks, and our 98.6ers cheer. When the practice was over, a lot of the little buggers came up to me and said they had a lot of fun, hopefully I'll be able to keep that up.

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Q'ner said...

nice Mitchell... it's all good.... cut yourself a break, it's your first practice. You have all season. Life is just a little bit more stressful for you this year then it was last year... it's all good... that sounds like fun though.... GOOD LUCK!!!