Saturday, May 31, 2008

Movie Clip Game

I recently played this game with my team at work. The most anyone correctly was 9 out of the ten. I don't think the movies were too hard, but see if you can guess all ten.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

A message from Avery

This is a quick post, but will show you how crazy my life is. Avery never wants me to leave for work and sometimes will call my cell phone. This time she left a message. Listen close to the background comments.


Sunday, May 4, 2008

How Do I Know I'm a Prejudice?

From Wikipedia the word prejudice refers to prejudgment: making a decision before becoming aware of the relevant facts of a case or event. Lets face it, we all have made some prejudgments. So by definition are we all prejudice, the answer is yes and no and to some degree. I found myself thinking that all old people drive too slow. Now that I'm old and I drive slower, I see grey hair people pasting me on the road all the time. I'm sure some Elderly Drivers pose a problem on the road, but just to say all old people drive too slow is a prejudgment. Other prejudgments can be more serious than others.

The way elderly people drive is one thing, but in America we have choices that we need to make, and a country with a long history of prejudice I'm not surprised that the this question still comes up. The other day, I was reading a News Week article about the Democratic Primary Campaign for President. The article was give all different kinds of statistics from exit polls on how whites would vote and how blacks would vote in Pennsylvania. The out come of the poll is not important to this conversation. Never mind the candidates resume, will get to that in a second, but what I hear mostly is we have a black candidate and a woman candidate and which one will be able to win in November. Example from MSNBC Web Site: Polls: Obama falters with working-class whites Impression of presidential hopeful among important group is getting worse. Also from the same site: Obama seeks to settle racial doubts.

Shouldn't the media focus on the issues and what he stands for? This is straight from Barack Obama's Web Site. This is just his plan for civil rights, what was first link under issues:

Barack Obama's Plan
Strengthen Civil Rights Enforcement
Obama will reverse the politicization that has occurred in the Bush Administration's Department of Justice. He will put an end to the ideological litmus tests used to fill positions within the Civil Rights Division.
Combat Employment Discrimination
Obama will work to overturn the Supreme Court's recent ruling that curtails racial minorities' and women's ability to challenge pay discrimination. Obama will also pass the Fair Pay Act to ensure that women receive equal pay for equal work.
Expand Hate Crimes Statutes
Obama will strengthen federal hate crimes legislation and reinvigorate enforcement at the Department of Justice's Criminal Section.
End Deceptive Voting Practices
Obama will sign into law his legislation that establishes harsh penalties for those who have engaged in voter fraud and provides voters who have been misinformed with accurate and full information so they can vote.
End Racial Profiling
Obama will ban racial profiling by federal law enforcement agencies and provide federal incentives to state and local police departments to prohibit the practice.
Reduce Crime Recidivism by Providing Ex-Offender Support
Obama will provide job training, substance abuse and mental health counseling to ex-offenders, so that they are successfully re-integrated into society. Obama will also create a prison-to-work incentive program to improve ex-offender employment and job retention rates.
Eliminate Sentencing Disparities
Obama believes the disparity between sentencing crack and powder-based cocaine is wrong and should be completely eliminated.
Expand Use of Drug Courts
Obama will give first-time, non-violent offenders a chance to serve their sentence, where appropriate, in the type of drug rehabilitation programs that have proven to work better than a prison term in changing bad behavior.

On the other side we side we have Hillary Clinton. Let's take a look at some headlines about Hillary's campaign.
Clinton Apologizes to Black Voters

Mar 12 11:16 PM US/EasternBy DEVLIN BARRETTAssociated Press Writer

Hillary Clinton risks rift in Democrats by ‘cheating’ black voters
By Hill Truth The Hillary Project

Then from Hillary's Web Site under issue we have Hillary's plan for the Middle Class.

As president, Hillary will:
Lower taxes for middle class families by: extending the middle class tax cuts including child tax credit and marriage penalty relief, offering new tax cuts for healthcare, college and retirement, and expanding the EITC and the child care tax credit.
Harness the power of innovation to create high wage jobs of the 21st Century. Investments in alternative energy can create new jobs for the 21st century; expanded access to broadband will bring opportunities to underserved and disadvantaged communities; the manufacturing base can be re-energized through creative partnerships; and increased government support for research will stimulate the development of new technologies and life-saving medicines. Hillary will restore integrity to science policy, reversing Bush administration policies that are holding our nation back.
Empower our workers and ensure that all Americans contribute their fair share. Hillary will ensure that unions, which have played an important role in forming and sustaining the middle class, are strong. She will also ensure that trade policies work for average Americans. Trade policy must raise our standard of living, and they must have strong protections for workers and the environment.
Restore the basic bargain. Hillary will restore the basic bargain that if Americans work hard and take responsibility, government will do its part to make sure they have the tools to get ahead.
Return to fiscal responsibility. After six and a half year of President Bush's fiscal irresponsibility, Hillary wants America to regain control of its destiny. She will move back toward a balanced budget and surpluses. Hillary believes that we should develop a set of budget rules similar to those we had in the 90s which required us to fund new expenditures with new revenues or cuts in other areas.

Let's face it, they are both well qualified to be the Democratic Nominee. If the words that come out of your mouth that Barack Obama is well spoken, but I don't think he would be a good president. You might want to do some soul searching. If you are saying that Hillary would be too emotional as President. Look yourself in the mirror and say that, it comes out pretty silly when you think about it.

That was kind of long winded about Politics and candidates. Lets get down to some real life examples. Some people are so prejudice and convinced they are right it amazes me at the things they will say in a open group. I was with this group of people and we were talking about the power ball and some workers at the Con Agra Foods Factory who won 365 million dollars. This one person started mouthing off about how they were probably illegals and they can't speak English. And how bad it was that "they" won. I had to speak up and say how great is was that the workers won, illegal or not. Hard working people doing a job that many people won't take, don't have to work another day of their life. How lucky, and it's something very American about that.
I think the one way you can really tell you are prejudice is when you tell a story and you make it a point to describe a person by their race when you didn't have to describe them at all. Growing in a racially mixed community, I would hear all the time I was talking to some black guy or some black chick. Chris had me read some one's blog about how he didn't know why people asked him why he joined a church that wouldn't let blacks obtain a higher level of priesthood. He made a valid point, his point was that there are lots of churches that denied African Americans equality in church. The real questions are why was the Church of Latter Day Saints different in so many ways from other churches, but very much the same in their treatment of people who were different. Second question, why did it take so long to change this policy? The most hideous form on prejudice is the prejudice within one's own family. As the dichotomy of America changes, views toward the children of generation X,Y and Z will need to know from their families that there is no room for prejudice of any kind.
One last thing about Barack Obama, his mother is white. So the last question is wouldn't that make him the first racially mixed President if he were to win? The answer to the question would be no.
This is my first post in a month, the next one will be light on topic.