Thursday, April 3, 2008


I use to hate the TV show "Friends". The actors on that show annoyed me so much. Their crazy dumb situations really got on my nerves. It was so unbelieveable to see people who barely could keep jobs, live in New York City in big apartments, drinking coffe all day. Their stupid problems always got solved in 29 1/2 minutes. What makes a "Friend"?

I started this blog to stay in touch with my family. There has been any interesting and wonderful by product. I'm hearing from friends that I haven't seen for a long time. These are the kind of friends that are like family, brothers from another mother. You know the kind of people that will get you in trouble, but will always have you back when you need it.

I kind a grew apart from the guys I grew up with, but we shared school, played sports, car pooled, got arrested, went to concerts, the beach. Almost everything you can think of, we been through together.

Ron sent me an email the other day. It was interesting becuase it was a religous message. Ron and I used to philosophize for hours about the exist of God or not. Ron was on the side of the affirmative, I'm a former agnostic, was on the opposite side of the argument . I don't even think Ron knows that I joined a church. Craig also emailed me. I always think about Craig and how he invented the "Flounder". It's a crazy dance, you fall on the floor and shake like a fish. I'll never do that dance again. I don't I'll be able to get back up if I dropped on the floor and shook like a fish. I can't stop thinking about the time we when to some bar on someone's birthday and took over the dance floor with the Flounder. Jeff is someone I respect very much. He has a good head on his shoulders. Is very funny, and a great friend. I don't think I could have made it through college without Jeff. He drove me to Burlington County College when I lost my driver's licence and didn't have a car. What about Tom? That crazy kid. He's about 38 years old, but I still think of him as a kid. He has great determination in spite of the self destructive behavior. Tom has the biggest heart of anyone I know. I just wanted to give a special shot out to Bill. I've known him ever since the 6th grade. He was a great person. It took a lot of courage to sit down friends he knew for a long time a come out. People who made fun of gay people. Not that any of us were homophobic, but to hear us talk you would have thought we were. Bill put up with that for years, and then trusted us enough to share his secret. Bill died ten years ago in a drunk driving car crash.

That's why I hated the show "Friends", because the people on there we no were close to being real. They couldn't compare to the friends I had. None of the story lines could compare to what we had to go through growing up.


Chris said...

This was cracking me up...I was laughing so hard I was crying! I would pay money to see you and the boys doing the Flouder @ 40. Oh I am so throwing that party and with a bit of convincing I bet I can get some boys to do a little dancing! It's great to see that you are getting so many e-mails from your friends about these should cut and paste their comments to your blog!

Q'ner said...

A-FREAKIN'-MEN to that... although I love the show friends.... You are so right though. No one can compare to the friends that you have growing up. Even if you grow apart for a time, when you talk to them or see them after that, it's like that time is voided.... I love it. Nothing beats having best friends!!!

Steph said...

Hey Mitch-

Omg-"The Flounder" I would pay to see Craig do the Flounder again. I think it would be evern better at 40 years old than 20 years old. too bad O'Hara's is no longer in business. That would be a great place for Craig to revitilize "The Flounder". Mitch you forgot to mention your hidden talent-your Jimi Hendrix impersonation.

Hope to see everyone soon.