Sunday, March 9, 2008

A is for AVERY

Avery is the sweetest girl I know. She always greets me when I get home with a big surprise! I act surprised like I'm supposed to, and then she jumps all over me. This is all good. When I was sick last week, who do you think was taking care of me, that's right Avery. She made sure I was resting and when I got up she told me to lay back down. Not only that, she laid down with me for most of the weekend. When I woke up she was there smiling at me. Since I have Avery on my mind, I made this little video for her. Hope you will enjoy it.


Q'ner said...

that was such a cute video... I wish I had good idea's like that. keep em coming. I love your page. it's awesome!!

Living in Tally said...

Can we hire you to make video for us?! So cute. After seeing those still shots with all that hair it's hard to believe its gone! She is beautiful.