Saturday, December 13, 2008

Where Have I been

Yes, it's been July the last time I posted on my bolg. Since then plenty has happened in my household. The twins turn one, Phoenix has joined the cheer leading squad and had her 8th birthday.

If you think I'm falling behind on things you would be correct. Having a seven member household in not easy, but never boring. We go to church, school events, and in between we break up fights between the children and that includes the twins. When there is time we have our fun events.
When the twins turn one this summer, we had our little party with the family. The first birthday is always more fun for the parents. Some people have big parties with lots of friend and family. Once your passed two kids the first birthday party is better with just your nuclear family. Sorry I do not have any picture of this event. If I remember correctly, we couldn't find our camera; that happens sometimes. The next event to come about was Phoenix's Birthday.
We also had a small party with just the family. By this time we had the camera, but the batteries we dead and we couldn't find the charges. We did get some pictures with the camera on the cell phone, good thing for those little gadgets. Phoenix was happy to get her balloon and Hanna Montana cake.

It was interesting this year for Phoenix in school. She told us she wanted to join the cheer leading squad. Never had a cheerleader in the family so that was OK with me. I didn't know how good they would be, but Chris and I had the pleasure of seeing her first cheer at the school two months ago. They were all good and Phoenix did a fantastic job. I was very impressed. A few weeks ago Phoenix and her cheer squad was able to participate in our town's parade. It was a cool parade lots of old cars,floats and fire engines. The best part for me was seeing Phoenix's second cheer. This time they were better than the first. They did three cheers, all were great.

Our whole family was there. Chris and the twin were sitting in the car, Stone & Avery were hanging with me. Stone was having fun. Not to be out done by her sister Avery found her way on the MOT Float. All in all it's be a good few months.


Chris said...

Love the post baby! just a funny sidenote Phoenix actually turned 7 :) lol. Love you!

Lórien said...

Good post! I love all the pics.